…In with the New!

…In with the New!

Happy 2016!!! When we begin a new year, it’s important to do some things to make sure it’s your best year yet! Just like christening a ship or a new baby, you want to bless your new year and set yourself up for success.

First, have yourself a helping of black eyed peas to grant yourself a prosperous year, then get your magic in gear to start your year off right!

Rather than “New Year’s Resolutions,” I recommend creating a Dream Board or Vision Board. This can be a private process, or you and your friends can have a “Vision Board Party.” Cut and paste pictures collage style or draw them, the important thing is to link your goals to some visual cue that you strive for. Add symbols or glue on some herbs to the board. Hang it near your working altar or somewhere you’ll see it regularly. Light candles and/or incense as you focus on your goals. Whatever you do, make it magical! Make it a daily ritual! Update goals or add things as the year progresses.

The beginning of the year is also an excellent time for a personal and home cleaning, cleansing, and blessing. Toss out the old clothes and clutter that’s just collecting dust (and negative energy)! Go through the cabinets and refrigerator and toss out anything expired. Empty the junk drawer(s)! Anything that’s too valuable or you can’t bear to throw away, donate it or give it to someone else who can use it. Trade with friends for things you may need that they don’t anymore. Rearrange the furniture to break up stagnant spaces. Sweep the corners, wash the windows, and get that toilet sparkling. Wash all towels and bed linens! Make sure you scrub your front steps with an herbal infusion to bring blessings! After the physical cleaning, it’s time for the spiritual cleansing. Crack the windows and sage the house! Sprinkle some salt and sweep or vacuum it open. Opens those blinds and let the sunlight pour in! Then burn some blessing incense and anoint the doors with blessing oil. Once you’ve started off, you just have to do regular cleansings to maintain things throughout the year.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the new year, make the most of this magical time by giving yourself a fresh start and get yourself on the path to make your dreams a reality!

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