Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

Who’s Afraid of Mercury Retrograde?

Q: I keep hearing about Mercury Retrograde and I’m not sure what that means. A friend of mine even turned down a job offer because it was supposed to start during a Mercury Retrograde! What the heck does all this even mean?!?

A: I’ve had quite a few people ask what Mercury Retrograde is and what they can do about it, so hopefully I can provide a little clarity on this sticky subject.

When people say Mercury has turned Retrograde, or what’s more commonly referred to simply as “Mercury Retrograde,” what it means is actually an optical illusion that occurs 3-4 times each year during which Mercury appears to move backwards–“retrograde”–for approximately 3 weeks from our view here on Earth. During this time everything that Mercury rules over falls into chaos: communications, travel, commerce and finances, thoughts, and social interactions. This also includes the tools of these areas, such as computers, phones, and vehicles.

So why do some people freak out? Well, Mercury is one of our closest neighboring planets and it rules over many things in our day-to-day lives, so we tend to feel the effects of its retrograde pretty strongly. When chaos hits, people tend to panic. It doesn’t help that Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of hype in both the astrological world and in mainstream media these days. This leads to exaggerated and even false information being spread. Thus, fear and panic ensue.

While Mercury Retrograde can be extremely disruptive, it also serves a purpose. It forces us to pause, look backwards, and turn inwards. Anything that you haven’t dealt with gets brought to the surface in order to tie up loose ends. It gives us an opportunity to finish up projects before moving on to something else. To some people, Mercury Retrograde can actually be an auspicious time! A lot depends on Mercury’s placement in your birth chart, and, of course, on your perspective. If you fight the flow, you’ll be in for a rough retrograde!

Surviving Mercury Retrograde can be pretty simple. Astrologers suggest not making any big purchases or major decisions during this time. Try to avoid starting anything new and signing any contracts until Mercury turns direct. Instead, focus on completing projects and wrapping up any loose ends. Make peace with things in the past that you may be avoiding. Think before you speak or react to people and situations. If there’s something that was begun before the retrograde, such as a job offer or moving, you should be safe in completing the process still. Just be aware of any chaos or setbacks that may occur and adjust plans accordingly.

There are some other things you can do to help lessen the chaos and maintain your peace of mind. Any of the Mercury Retrograde Reversal candles or oils by us here at Polaris Rising work exceptionally well at forcing the Mercurial energies to “reverse” and flow correctly, which helps cut off a lot of the chaos. There are also certain stones and crystals that you can carry that can help, such as aventurine, citrine, fluorite, tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, and kyanite. The traditional Hoodoo blend known as Van Van also works very well as clearing out chaos and turning your luck back around. Regular cleansing can also be very helpful, particularly during a Mercury Retrograde. 

The key thing to keep in mind is that while there are things that can help limit the chaos and frustration, they don’t excuse you from the true purpose of a Mercury Retrograde. They just help make the process a little easier! So, there’s no need to panic at the words “Mercury Retrograde” so long as you tackle it proactively, adjust your perception, and find a way to go with the retrograde flow!

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